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A City Hall for the People

We need to ensure that the voices of the working class are finally heard at City Hall. We need to ensure that our representatives are ready to stand up to corporate greed, fight the establishment, and build a working class movement that is ready to fight for the interests of the many. This is why we need a City Hall for the people.

The 99% is being ignored at City Hall. Our politicians are failing us. Workers continue to struggle to make a living in one the wealthiest cities in the world. As a city council member I will fight for a City Hall for the people. We will use legislation and constituent services to ensure that New Yorkers have the tools and resources necessary to organize within their communities and workplaces. While organizing for environmental justice, women’s rights, and tenants’ rights it was clear that when average people organize we begin to democratize and transform our communities. With a City Hall for the people we will work closely with mass working class organizations. We will be fighting under a platform that is ready to fight for truly affordable housing, pass single-payer health care, and for a working class revolution.

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