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Animal Rights

As the parent of two dogs I believe that all living creatures deserve rights, protection, and justice. For too long, animals, like humans, have been held down by a system of oppression that abuses and exploits them. We must advocate and institute legislation that will ensure legal rights, protections, and safety for all animals.

As a City Councilmember, I will fight to:

  • Increase funding for non-profit animal rescue organizations and increase legal & safety protections for our city's wildlife.

  • Ensure pet-friendly housing for everyone, especially the disabled and our seniors.

  • Support and vote for Intro 1483, that will require that the Department of Homeless Services, in collaboration with the Department of Social Services, develop a plan to accommodate pets of homeless individuals in order to ensure we have pet-friendly shelters.

  • Support and vote for Intro 1465, that would require that the Department of Education to report on humane animal treatment instruction in public elementary schools.

  • Prohibit all NYC public schools from using eggs, live baby chickens ad ducks, or any animal for classroom projects.

  • End factory farming.

  • Support and vote on legislation that would enforce all firework displays to be silent.

  • Support and vote for Res. 1151, that calls on all corporate and government entities to divest from agricultural industries that benefit from deforestation and the acceleration of global warming.

  • Ban the shipment of live animals to NYC through mail.

  • Ban the sale of products that contain animal fur.

  • Make plant-based eating accessible to everyone.

  • Cosponsor and vote for legislation to ban horse carriages in NYC. 

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