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COVID-19 Platform &

Community Demands

During the COVID crisis, it is clear that our economic system and our government have failed us and have neglected to provide the poor and working people the necessary resources to survive. This pandemic has only brought the harsh realities of our country’s problems to light. As New York City’s wealthy residents have fled to their summer homes, our working class neighbors are laboring in essential fields and have no other option than to go to work. Our neighbors are set to be thrown out of their homes, are trapped in crowded ICE facilities, facing homelessness, or are facing inhumane treatment in jails. Unexpected closures have made it challenging for people to get access to food, essential medication, and other resources. 


We are powerful when we come together as a community and stand in solidarity with workers, knowing that people are more important than profits!

During and after this pandemic we need to ensure that our communities continue to thrive, this is why

we must demand that our government:

  1. Cancel rent during the COVID-19 crisis, permanently freeze rent for working class tenants who have been disproportionately affected by this crisis, and provide funding for public housing to ensure that its tenants are safe during this crisis and beyond.

  2. Guarantee that every New Yorker, no matter their citizenship status or if they are uninsured, has access to free COVID-19 testing and treatment.

  3. Invest in hospitals, healthcare workers, and essential workers so that they have the necessary tools and resources to provide for us during this pandemic and beyond.

  4. Provide support and government protections to ensure that the small businesses of our communities do not go out of business during and after this pandemic.

  5. Release non-violent offenders from Rikers Island and all other jails. The city government should provide oversight over all jails and correctional facilities to ensure that all inmates have access to testing and treatment.

  6. Save the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP). Demand that the city government provide more funding for programs like these so the youth can work/intern from home, during this crisis, and be equipped with the tools and resources necessary to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

  7. Ensure that students have access to necessary technology and resources to receive a quality education from home.

  8. Defund the NYPD in order to help fund an equitable recovery for Black and Latinx communities, which have been most impacted by the pandemic.

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