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A Humane Criminal Justice System

It is time that we transform our criminal justice system. Currently our criminal justice system protects private property instead of  people of color and working class people. We must end the criminalization of our communities, end over-policing, end mass incarceration, demand police accountability, and invest in our communities.

Our criminal justice system is rooted in racism and the marginalization of people of color. While in the streets protesting police brutality and demanding justice, it was clear that we must end the over policing of our communities. There is no reason why being black, brown, or poor should be a crime. Nobody should be targeted or harassed by police for the color of their skin or social status. Reform will not fix this, we need to completely transform our criminal justice system to a more humane system and begin to invest in our communities.


We will fight for and demand that: 

  • We defund the NYPD and instate a hiring freeze and a reduction in officer overtime spending.

  • We protect people from the excessive use of police force and restrict the standards for use of force and ban chokeholds.

  • We disarm the NYPD and immediately stop providing military equipment such as pepper spray, tear gas, and long range acoustic devices to the police.

  • We decarcerate by permanently closing Rikers Island and opposing the construction of new jails. The solution should focus on ending “broken-windows” policing and the school to prison pipeline, which disproportionately targets working class people of color.

  • We support the state legislature’s repeal of 50-A, which currently allows for police misconduct to go unchecked. Now more than ever, when communities of color are being threatened by police brutality, we need to keep police accountable.

  • We remove the NYPD from schools and parks.

  • We expand community oversight of law enforcement. We will establish an Elected Civilian Review Board (ECRB) with board members elected by members of the community, with the power to use an independent prosecutor to prosecute cases of criminal police misconduct.

  • We invest in youth programs and ensure that every school has a librarian, social worker, and a nurse. We need to end the system that views children of color as criminals. 

  • We provide public housing and healthcare for our communities by diverting funds from the NYPD and  taxing the rich to mitigate the conditions in our communities that cause crime.

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