Environmental Justice

We are facing a climate crisis and we must act now to protect the most vulnerable, disadvantaged, and impacted by climate change. Environmental justice must be at the forefront of our legislation to ensure that we have a sustainable future for all New Yorkers. It's time for a Green New Deal for NYC, for a more just, sustainable, and equitable city.

As a City Councilmember, I will fight to:

  • Pass a Green New Deal for NYC that will reduce the city's emissions, address issues within NYCHA (through a comprehensive GND for NYCHA proposal), create quality green jobs with union access, and create green spaces.

  • Pass a Green New Deal for public schools where we fully fund and provide all students with high quality, hands-on science instruction and exposure to climate science.

  • Advocate for and work towards Public Power, where we will have publicly owned, democratically run utilities that are reliable, affordable, and renewable energy. 

  • Transition towards completely energy efficient public transportation and completely replace all buses with electric-powered buses. 

  • Advocate and support the Renewable Rikers plan for renewable energy and a wastewater treatment facility. This plan would be an example of a just transition where, through restorative justice, we are addressing the climate crisis in a just and equitable way.

  • Support and enforce the Climate Mobilization Act, that would help us move towards a zero-carbon city.

  • Support and advocate for Public Advocate Jumaane Williams’ proposal for municipalizing NYC’s electric grid that will allow us to begin a transition towards renewable energy.

  • Advocate and work to create rooftop solar panels and more community gardens. 

  • A just economic transition with job trainings and access to quality, green, and union jobs where we prioritize working class communities of color.

  • Ensure that every New Yorker has access to healthy, climate-friendly food, as this is a crucial step towards making progress on environmental, health, racial, and food justice.

  • Eliminate food deserts by providing working people with access to fresh locally sourced food.

  • Awareness campaigns in partnership with the community to ensure that residents understand the importance of climate justice and join the movement towards an environmentally just NYC.

  • Promote community composting and recycling, while ensuring that every community has access to trash, composting, and recycling bins.

  • Decommission existing fossil fuel infrastructure and oppose all fossil fuel infrastructure, while advocating for renewable energy sources to ultimately transition towards a carbon neutral city by 2030.

  • Ensure we have infrastructure in place to protect our shorelines, while keeping them publicly accessible and away from real estate interests.

  • Protect bus lanes and create more bike as well as pedestrian lanes.

  • Ensure that everyone, especially the most vulnerable, have access to cooling centers, ACs, and public spaces like pools and parks.

  • Promote open streets and create more green spaces.

  • Ensure we are centering the voices and experiences of frontline communities as we co-create environmental justice legislationbecause for too long our government has ignored us. There is no justice without environmental justice!

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