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Housing as a Right

We need to put New Yorkers above developers and profit because everyone deserves the opportunity to live in a dignified place. Housing is a right and nobody should be unable to afford a place they call home.

Council District 7 is facing a housing crisis, which disproportionately affects working class communities of color. Living in Harlem my whole life, I have seen increasing rent, rezoning that has led to gentrification, and politicians who have failed communities like mine. We need to act now against greedy developers and those in power who are selling out our communities!


Public housing complexes are deteriorating, tenants are being ignored, and housing is no longer affordable for average working class tenants. Despite the current conditions of public housing, we must recognize its benefits and potential. Public housing is the last source of reliable affordable housing for New Yorkers. It is unacceptable that 56 percent of New Yorkers pay more than 30 percent of their incomes on rent and 22 percent of them pay more than half of their incomes on rent. Rather than privatizing public housing, we should be funding and expanding it.


We need to fight to put our communities above profits. We must fully fund and expand public housing and give democratic control to public housing tenants. We must also have more transparent and democratic rezoning processes. We need to hear from the working class, which is disproportionately affected, before we allow developers to come into our communities. We need to secure permanently affordable housing for all working class New Yorkers.

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